My experience at Jha’s Educational Services was a class apart. Excellent and dedicated faculty, effective and extensive testing schedules set by Jha Sir and subsequent doubt solving sessions thoroughly cover each and every topic and give you an extra edge with competitiveness. Ex-students (Alumni) are also part of the faculty team which I feel is the USP of this class. This makes the teaching sessions interactive, motivates you and brings out the best in you. This teaching and guidance has continued through our 1st and 2nd year MBBS too… - Rucha Herlekar – Batch of 2017 – Maharashtra Rank # 1


At Jha’s Educational Services, teachers consume themselves to brighten the lives of students. Jha Sir has been one of the most influential person in Rucha’s formative years. Influencing her thoughts and actions. He was a pillar of support, a very strict disciplinarian yet approachable person. Dedicated and honest efforts from Rucha and excellent and rigorous coaching from the class created the magic and helped Rucha fulfil her dream. Great Alumni association, right guidance and good relationship of the alumni with the students is the USP of this class. We owe them a big thank-you….! Jha sir and the entire team will remain etched in our memory always…! – Dr. Rupa Herlekar – Rucha Herlekar’s Mother – Batch of NEET 2017


Pune is an Oxford of India and Jha classes is the paradise for NEET.

Faculty - It has very well educated and experienced faculty for every subject who are supporting and motivating. They cross all the limits to help students.

Infrastructure - It has air conditioned classrooms with good light, speakers so that students don’t feel tired.

Sharing with friends- Toppers of pervious years are asked to share their experiences, solve the doubts, take small bits of lectures. Students ask their silliest doubts to them without fear which they couldn’t ask the faculty.

Best part- Jha sir is a keen observer and knows about every child personally. He not only teaches you to crack your exam but also how to deal with stress, make decisions, control yourself and give your maximum. – Dr. Vandana Nande – Pranava Nande’s Mother – Batch of NEET 2018


Jha classes is a very close knit family where everyone has the same mission and passion...that is getting a good rank in NEET. Intensive coaching coupled with an extensive test schedule, followed by in-depth discussions are the secret to the continued success story of this class. The one feature that sets this institute apart is that every student is given an equal opportunity to excel...there are no favourites. The teachers are well versed with each student's strengths and weaknesses, and they go all out to help them overcome their weak points and use their full potential. This class instill confidence in every student which goes a long way in their success story which begins here. Many grateful ex-students happily come back to guide their juniors, such is their bonding with the teachers and class. The entire staff works as a unit to enhance the efforts put in by the student.

All the teachers are approachable and doubts are not only entertained, but welcome!

Hundreds of well researched tests with accurate answer keys and detailed discussions on the answer keys go a long way in building a student's success in this class – Dr. Swati Shrotri – Mother of Gautam Shrotri – Batch of NEET 2017


My two years at Jha’s Educational Services have been life-changing for me. I had my apprehensions and fears about NEET but all of them were put to rest here. All teachers, especially Jha sir, Vikas sir and Umang sir are masters of their respective subjects and make sure we benefit the most from their knowledge. All my doubts were solved immediately (even in the oddest hours of the night). The best thing about this institute is the informal atmosphere created which allows the students to approach teachers easily, sit and study at class venues till any time of the day / night and get doubts solved. I will forever be grateful to Smita Ma’am who with her smile relieved half our problems. I owe this institute a lot for making the “most stressful years” of my life the most enjoyable ones. Thank you for everything …!! – Parth Agarwal – Batch of NEET 2018


Jha’s Educational Services is not less than a “Gurukul” where students get a chance to explore themselves in a homely and healthy yet competitive environment. I thank the entire team for their extra-ordinary efforts and guidance to Parth.  – Dr. Archana Agarwal – Mother of Parth Agarwal – Batch of NEET 2018


It was a defining moment for Omika when she decided to enroll at Jha’s. The best of teachers, the continuous assessment and consistent problem solving helped in nurturing her interest in basic sciences. Ex-students as mentors, guiding the current students in the finer nuances of each topic is something that is unique to this class. I’m grateful to Jha sir for guiding her towards her goal – Dr. Ojus Wadhwa – Mother of Omika Wadhwa – Batch of NEET 2018


The best thing about Jha sir is that he knows what to do. Also that he keeps experimenting with teaching methods. The amount of dedication he shows forces you to do the same. I have not seen him casually sitting doing nothing. Not even eating until very late after the results were out. [I have a conspiracy theory that all he has is a cup of tea ;)] He always has something about his students running in his mind. He'll have answers to all your problems and i am not talking about just Physics.:  Vikas sir is simply subliminal. PATIENCE. Experience. Organisation. Energy. Dedication. [unique fashion style;)] KNOWLEDGE. Motivation. I am telling you there were literally no unanswered doubts left for anyone and you don't know how many we ask! Even if chemistry is not your subject after him without a doubt it'll be. Umang sir's lectures are the ones you wish will never end! He'll make you learn, he'll make you laugh, he'll make learning fun and i am not exaggerating at all. He'll make you realize taking biology was a great decision after all. If through all of this still you have any issues there's Smita ma'am, the sweetest person I know, you can always talk to. Krishnakanth sir, Sunita ma'am , Modi ma'am, Tanvi ma'am, Shaunak sir thank you so much for everything. I was asked what is one thing that makes JES different from the others. I'll have to say you won't find a group of such amazing people anywhere else – Rohan Sonawane – Batch of NEET 2018.


Jha’s Classes has an amazing, well educated and experienced faculty as well as alumni!! They are supportive and motivating. They often go out of their way to help students which is hard to find elsewhere. It isn’t just a class for me, but my second home! –Deshna Shah – Batch of NEET 2018


Best coaching institute for NEET in Pune. Teachers are excellent. The only institute with alumni based teaching which is very effective. Regular tests ensure that students don’t lose their grip on the topics! – Aniket Patil – Batch of NEET 2018

In the two years of my course at this institution the most monumental thing that Jha Sir has instilled in me is that you cannot obligate the corollary and to maintain a state of equanimity through the ups and downs of the stressful period, to acquit my failures and repose my wins and face all obstacles with a phlegmatic mind. I owe every bit of whatever little I have achieved to this institution! – Pranava Nande – Batch of NEET 2018.